1) What do I do if the booking is not completed?

For any reason like internet down, electricity cut-off, or anything else, if your booking is not completed or failed in the middle of the payment process. Then don’t worry; sit back and take a deep breath. We will notify you of the problem, and you will not be charged anything for such erroneous things.

2) Does this website use cookies?

Well, yes. It helps us to deliver more relevant results as per your needs and travel preferences. It helps you to get the best booking experience on the website. You can clear cookies anytime in your browser though.

3) What payment options you have?

We accept payments through the below methods:

  1. International and domestic credit cards
  2. Debit cards from all the national banks
  3. Net banking/Direct debit payment

We do not accept cash, cheques, EMI, and money orders. So, we are sorry for that.

4) Is my card information is safe on this site?

Yes, of course. We follow the best security guidelines for the users, and we do not save the pin/CVV number of your card. Any information you feed on this website passes through an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) session which encrypts the data and protects it against the third parties.

5) What is the CVV number on my card?

The Card Verification Number (CVV) is an important number made of three digits. It is printed on the back side of your card. You need to enter this code when asked at the payment page.

6) Do I have to register on the website?

No, you are free to search for the bus/train/cab booking for your destination. If you travel to often and find our site reliable & friendly, then you can register for free and avail more benefits. You will also receive travel offers for your next trips by registering with us which will help you to plan accordingly. Booking is always hassle-free for us.

7) How to change my password?

You can change your password anytime from your account. Log in and go to your profile. Choose the ‘change password’ option and set your new login code.